Frequently Asked Questions

Q Does Cafe Rosalena have an individual food delivery service?
A Yes, we have partnered with DoorDash for individual small orders that are delivered to our customer. For catering orders that are placed directly with Café Rosalena our own staff will deliver the orders.
Q Does Cafe Rosalena offer an on-line (Desktop PC and Mobile) ordering system for customers to pick up their order at Cafe Rosalena?
A Yes, we Partner with Chow Now. For desktop go to our web page and look for the “customer pick up” button. For mobile devices text ROSALENA to 33733 and you will be directed to the either the Google Play store or the Apple Apps store to download the app. For your first order of $8 or more you will receive $1 off.
Q How long has Cafe Rosalena been in business?
A Same location since 1995
Q The Orange sauce for the breakfast burritos is great, what is the recipe?
A This is 27 year old recipe that we keep in our safe deposit box, lets just say it is a sour cream base with a ton of special secret ingredients!
Q Do you sell the Orange, Green and Red sauce to the public?
A Yes! Because of years of customer demand we are offering all three sauces at $9.95 per 12 oz plastic bottles. The ingredients are 100% homemade and they have no preservatives therefore it should be consumed withing 7 days
Q Does Cafe Rosalena offer T-Shirts, Hats for sale? PENDING
A Yes! Please see our web page for the company store PENDING
Q Why are the wait times sometimes long?
A Our kitchen does the best we can to complete our customer’ order as fast as we can. All of our dishes are made to order. For example, all ingredients in a breakfast burrito are made to order and nothing is premade as other restaurants will often do therefore this will often increase the time to prepare the food.
Q Does Cafe Rosalena offering catering services?
A Yes! A significant part of Cafe Rosalena business is catering our great food for business meetings, company lunches, parties, training sessions, and holiday activities. Please see our web page under catering for a complete offering as well as a long list of customers that use our catering service.
Q Some restaurants donate food to charity organizations, does Cafe Rosalena?
A We donate to Life Moves/ Montgomery Street Inn that provides emergency and transitional and housing for single men
Q Some restaurants subcontract their catering orders to other restaurants does Cafe Rosalena do this?
A No, all food is made from Cafe Rosalena at our San Jose location
Q For the sauces that are available for the breakfast burritos (Orange, Red and Green) which one is the most popular?
A About 75% choose the Orange sauce
Q Would Cafe Rosalena be willing to cater an order early in the morning?
A Yes, the chances are very good we will be able to accommodate your request. Please contact us so that we can understand the details of your needs.
Q Does Cafe Rosalena offer other food for catering beyond their standard menu?
A Yes, please see our catering web page complete menu. Also, if you are interested in food item that is not listed on our catering menu please contact us since the chances are good we can accommodate your needs
Q I want to work for Café Rosalena, how can I apply?
A Café Rosalena is fast pace and a very fun Cafe environment to work in. We are always interested in speaking to anyone that is motivated to work in our popular restaurant. Please send your resume to David Darrough at david.darrough@gmail.com
Q What are the hours of Cafe Rosalena?
A Monday – Thursday 6:00AM-2:00 PM, Friday Saturday 6:00AM-2:30 Sunday 7:00AM -2:30 PM
Q Does Cafe Rosalena sell gift certificates?
A Yes, please ask a counter sales member

Q How is your horchata made
A Our horchata is made in house by our staff and is 100% home made with filtered water. We don’t any kind off the shelf powered horchata mixture like many restaurants will use.
Q How is you’re Agua De Jamaica (Hibiscus) made
A Our Agua De Jamaica made in house by our staff and is 100% home made with filtered water. We actually purchase dried Hibiscus flowers as the base. We don’t any kind off the shelf powered Hibiscus mixture
Q Is Café Rosalena expanding door?
A YES! Are expansion plans actually stated in April 2020 which will result in tripling our space. We now have a second kitchen, huge walk-in refrigerator, storage space and catering preparation space. The last phase is our additional dining area which will is currently under construction. When completed (early summer 2022) or new dinning area will be three times the size and will also include two roll up garage doors for a open-air environment
Q Has Café Rosalena ever failed a food health inspection?
A Cafe Rosalena is inspected several times a year by Santa Clara county Health Department and we have never failed an inspection since we opened for business in 1995.
Q Does Cafe Rosalena offer tours of their kitchen?
A There is currently a bidding war between TicketMaster and LiveNation for group tours of our kitchen so please stay tuned….just kidding!

Cafe Rosalena – Orange Juice FAQ’S

Q Where does your orange juice come from
A We only use local produce companies in the Bay Area who obtain oranges from California, Mexico, Texas and Florida
Q How do you bottle your fresh orange juice?
A We use a Zumex Speed Pro Orange Juice machine which is a commercial orange juice squeezer from Spain.
Q How fresh is your orange juice in the bottles?
A We make it everyday so rarely will you ever receive a bottle that is over 24 hours old
Q Do you add sugar to your Orange Juice?
A Never!
Q What is the shelf life of your Orange Juice?
A We don’t add any preservatives therefore we suggest it should be consumed within 7 days
Q Do you offer your orange juice in bottles larger than 16oz?
A Yes only per request in ½ gallon clear bottles.
Q I have noticed that the taste and color of your orange juice sometimes looks and taste different, why?
A Our orange juice goes directly from a whole fresh orange to a bottle in a matter of seconds and we add nothing to it. Just like any fruit the taste and color will change based on many factors such as the location where they are grown, late season or early season and the type of orange.
Q What kind of oranges do you use to make orange juice
A Depending the season Navel and Valencia
Q I have noticed that Café Rosalena offers mimosas, do you fresh squeezed orange juice?
A Always!